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The Alliance for Affordable Services is a not for profit corporation that is dedicated to helping members keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their own pockets. To that end, the Alliance uses the power of the group to negotiate significant savings for its members on a variety of benefits and services. The Alliance represents tens of thousands of small business owners and individuals nationwide.
Need a friend on Capitol Hill? The Alliance is your champion and has been since the very beginning when it was created in 1981. Learn more about our Legislative Agenda.
What Our Members Are Saying About the Value of Membership
"In today's economy we need to save where we can. It's hard, but with our benefits we have been able to cut costs on some of the everyday items we need." - Lois O., MI
"Alliance offers benefits that far outweigh the minimal monthly payment. If every individual, family or small business does not have this program, then they should." - Richard W., CA
"My car's transmission quit working twelve miles out of town and it didn't cost anything to get it towed to the shop of my choice...[using Association Motor Plan] I got a ride to town and so did my car." - Shena T., MO
"Cutting movie ticket prices in half is very nice and shopping via the [ConsumerClub Rewards] Daily Deal allowed me to get a quality product for a fifth of the price." - Nathan G., IL
"I saved over $1,000 on dental work on one visit using Discount Dental Plan." - Mark F., AZ
"I love Teladoc. My family uses it, it's great for things like poison ivy where you know you just need a prescription, you know what it is, and you don't need to see a doctor. The doctors are always great." - Sandra H., KS
"After a long day and a dead battery, Association Motor Plan came out in no time, and I was on my way. That made my day." - Mike S., WI
"I have saved thousands of dollars with the BASE HRA." - Marijane R., IL
"Direct Labs...the savings are unbeatable and the service is excellent and convenient." - Kenny R., CA
"MEDPro has helped lower the costs of some of my more expensive medicines; it was like getting a pay raise!" - Kevin B., NE
"I just think Alliance is the greatest combination of useful services." - Joy S., LA
"[Business Consultant Advice Line] gave us business advice that was enough knowledge at the time to avoid expensive appointments with specialists." - Ellyn S., IN
"I have saved thousands with the discounts and that is God's truth." - Peter S., CO
Our History
For more than 30 years, we've been listening to the needs of entrepreneurs and consumers from across the country and changing to serve them better.
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