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Tax Resource Center
The competing demands on the time of a small business owner or independent business man or woman leave room for little else, let alone mastering the annual changes to the tax code. So, when tax season rolls around or the pressures of responding to monthly or quarterly tax demands arise, it’s important to have timely answers to your questions. The Alliance for Affordable Services and the Internal Revenue Service developed this Tax Center to help members navigate the tax code and all of the requirements of starting or building a business.
Of course, the Alliance for Affordable Services Tax Center cannot take the place of professional tax advice and is not meant to. Consult a tax professional if you need assistance with tax issues. However, we do believe that our Tax Center can be another valuable resource for Alliance members.
Small Business and Self-Employed One Stop Resource
From general to specific, this site offers it all for the small business owner.
Starting, Operating or Closing a Business
Everything you need to start and manage your new business.
Business Taxes
Determine what taxes you must pay and how to pay them.
Checklist for Starting a Business
Walks you through the steps necessary to open your business.
Business Structure
How to structure your business, where it falls in the tax code.
Employer ID Number
Generally, most businesses need an Electronic Identification Number (EIN). It’s used to identify a business.
Online Application - Form SS-4
Apply online for the Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number.
Forms and Publications
Need an IRS form or publication?
Employment Tax for Small Business
If you have employees, you are responsible for Federal Income Tax Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).
Withholding Calculator
Calculate the amount to withhold from your employees’ paychecks.
Contact Your Local IRS Office
IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers are your one-stop resource for face-to-face tax help and solutions to tax problems, every business day.
The Taxpayer Advocate’s Office
Helps taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS.
On-Line Classroom
View a streaming video of an IRS Small Business Workshop, take an IRS course or complete an online self-directed version of a workshop taught live around the country.
Small Business Resources
Additional state and federal resources for the small business owner.
Small Business Products Online Ordering
Free products designed with the small business owner in mind.
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