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Our History

Our History
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Listening to the needs of entrepreneurs and consumers from across the country, the Alliance has spent more than 25 years developing membership packages that provide a variety of business, lifestyle and health care benefits for members. Today, Alliance Members have access to valuable benefits such as hospital confinement coverage for accidents, discount pharmacy services, travel and leisure savings, and a wide range of discounts to help small-business owners reduce their expenses.
The Early 1990s:
Imagine paying even higher health insurance premiums than you do now. Without the dedicated efforts of the Alliance, this nightmare would be reality. When this potential disaster nearly struck in 1992, the Alliance, armed with overwhelming evidence, convinced the American Legislative Council that the guaranteed issue provision would actually increase insurance premiums rather than decrease them. When the group of 2,400 state legislators and private sector groups reversed its decision, the Alliance quickly established itself as a respected voice for small business.
The Mid 1990s:
With every new challenge facing the self-employed, the Alliance executed a well-defined plan designed for victory. In 1994, the Alliance rallied behind small-business owners working from their homes and recruited Members of the House Ways and Means Committee to reinstate the much-needed Home-Office Tax Deduction.
The Late 1990s:
Now an experienced defender of small business, the Alliance confidently attacked legislative issues affecting entrepreneurs and consistently looked after their welfare with a broad array of new benefits.
The Early 2000s:
Affirmed as an advocate for small businesses, the Alliance continued to strive for health care and tax improvement. In 2000, the Internal Revenue Service increased the threshold for filing monthly employment taxes from $1,000 to $2,500, making it possible for approximately 1 million small businesses to file quarterly rather than monthly.
The Mid 2000s:
Advocacy efforts continued in 2004 with the Alliance supporting the Childhood Obesity Reduction Act. Noticing the growing trend of obesity in the United States, the Alliance boosted efforts to improve the situation, starting with children. The act would recognize schools that voluntarily implemented plans to increase physical activity and promoted healthy nutritional choices. Support of the act prompted a grassroots campaign for members to urge their state legislators to encourage the bill.
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