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The Late 1990s

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The Alliance Broadens its Benefits Package and Scores
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Now an experienced defender of small business, the Alliance confidently attacked legislative issues affecting entrepreneurs and consistently looked after their welfare with a broad array of new benefits.
In 1997, the Alliance’s relentless efforts concerning the Home Office Tax Deduction resulted in a major victory. Now, entrepreneurs enjoyed the tax break they deserved.
Not completely satisfied with the deduction for health insurance premiums, the Alliance vigorously renewed its fight, the result: a 100-percent phase-in by 2007. However, the Alliance didn’t stop there. In 1998, its tireless efforts on this key issue caused Congress to accelerate the program with the deduction reaching 100 percent in 2003.
As small businesses flourished in the wake of these legislative victories, their needs grew beyond health care and tax reform, and the Alliance benefit package diversified to meet these needs. In 1998, the Alliance offered quality service in the areas of business resources, health programs, travel discounts, gifts, entertainment and education. The flagship publication evolved from a newsletter to an impressive, four-color, 12-page magazine with comprehensive articles about business practices, tips and trends, health care news and benefit information.
With its stellar array of member benefits and glowing success on legislative issues, the Alliance membership grew to more than 60,000 by 1999. The next giant in its path was Social Security Reform and the Alliance enthusiastically pushed for private investment options.
With the dawn of a new Millennium, the Alliance voice still thunders on Capitol Hill, ready to champion the old and new issues of small businesses from coast-to-coast. The Alliance still remains dedicated to its mission as evidenced by its die-hard legislative efforts, its informative four-color magazine and its constant addition of quality benefits that make professional and personal life easier for its members who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.
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