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The Mid 1990s

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The Alliance Wins Major Political Victories and Adds New Benefits
With every new challenge facing the self-employed, the Alliance executed a well-defined plan designed for victory. In 1994, the Alliance rallied behind small-business owners working from their homes and recruited Members of the House Ways and Means Committee to reinstate the much-needed Home-Office Tax Deduction.
In 1995, the Alliance moved swiftly to play an important role in the reinstatement of the expired insurance deduction, increasing it from 25 percent to 30 percent. Seeing the increasing activities in the nation’s Capitol, the Alliance immediately dispatched a survey to members to discover where they stood on legislative issues and what benefits were important to them.
The successful survey fueled a very productive 1996 when the Alliance was instrumental in passing the Small Business Regulatory Act that mandated major improvements in the way federal agencies treat small businesses. The Act is hailed as perhaps the most significant legislation passed since World War II, “a small-business bill of rights.”
Ever mindful of members’ requests, the Alliance established one of its premier benefits, the annual scholarship program designed to assist members’ dependents. Since the program’s inception in 1996 over $1.1 million has been awarded to deserving students.
The information age was sweeping across the country and the Alliance entered the world of cyberspace in 1996 with an impressive site on the World Wide Web. Now, 35 million computer users can access a vast array of information about health insurance issues and the many benefits offered to Alliance Members.
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