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The Mid 2000s

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Advocacy efforts continued in 2004 with the Alliance supporting the Childhood Obesity Reduction Act. Noticing the growing trend of obesity in the United States, the Alliance boosted efforts to improve the situation, starting with children. The act would recognize schools that voluntarily implemented plans to increase physical activity and promoted healthy nutritional choices. Support of the act prompted a grassroots campaign for members to urge their state legislators to encourage the bill.
Continuing the work of supporting the future of tomorrow in 2005, the Alliance awarded 66 scholars a then record-breaking total of $105,000 to attend the college of their choice
The Association also formed the Alliance Action Team in 2005 to promote members taking action on Capitol Hill against increasing health care costs.. The success of member participation was proven when the team reached 500 members by the end of the year.
The first bill the Alliance Action Team supported was the Health Care Choice Act, which would give consumers the opportunity to choose the health insurance policy best for them by allowing insurance companies to sell policies across state lines, while maintaining important consumer protections. The act passed the House in 2005, but it needed final votes entering 2006 to move into action.
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