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Health Care Reform Survey
August 2009
Nearly 2,000 Alliance members responded to the recent health care reform survey and many of you voiced strong opinions about recent government actions and issues currently under debate in Congress.
Results are based on findings procured in an August 2009 survey of the Alliance for Affordable Services Membership. The survey was conducted online, and an email invitation was sent to 40,547 active members with an email address on file. At the time this data was obtained, there were 1,943 total responses.
The survey results are shown below. Based on the responses to the survey, Alliance has drafted a position statement on health care reform legislation. Click here to read the statement.
Question 1
Do you think a government-run public health care plan would improve the quality of your health care, worsen the quality of your health care, or keep it about the same?
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Question 2
The U.S. Congressional Budget Office estimates that the health care plan proposed by Congress (H.R. 3200) will cost well over $1.5 trillion dollars over the next decade, which will expand deficit spending in future federal budgets.
Please indicate whether you support or oppose each of these proposed funding sources:
Question 2a
Increasing FICA, payroll, and other tax rates on small businesses and the self-employed who have revenue exceeding $250,000 per year, which includes all Schedule C filers, S-Corps, LLCs, Sole Proprietorships, etc:
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Question 2b
Raising taxes for families with incomes greater than $280,000 per year:
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Question 2c
Creating an “employer mandate” requiring all but the smallest businesses to either offer employees health care coverage through a federally-qualified health plan or be subject to fines and tax penalties:
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Question 2d
Requiring insurance companies that offer consumers the option to purchase more expensive health plans with more generous benefits to pay additional taxes:
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Question 3
The Healthy Americans Act (S.334) is legislation being offered as an alternative to the “employer mandate” proposed by H.R. 3200. This bill creates an “individual mandate,” which would require everyone to purchase federally-qualified health insurance coverage for themselves, or pay a fine or tax penalty for opting out. Would you support or oppose the “individual mandate”?
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Question 4
The government-run “public option” being proposed in Congress (H.R. 3200) is estimated to shift up to 81 million Americans from their current private insurance to the government-run plan. This shift will happen because the cost and tax burden of the “employer mandate” (which would require businesses to cover their employees under federally-qualified health care plans) will make the government-run “public option” less expensive than private insurance. Many private insurance companies will go out of business because they will no longer be able to compete in the marketplace, leaving consumers with no other option than the government-run plan. Do you support or oppose this measure?
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