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Position Statement on Healthcare Reform Legislation
August 2009
The Alliance for Affordable Services supports healthcare initiatives that will provide access to quality, affordable health care for American citizens. According to a recent survey , Alliance Members oppose legislation that includes government mandates or unfairly increases the tax burden on small- business owners and the self-employed. We believe that legislation introduced for passage by the United States Congress and by the administration must support small-business owners and self-employed individuals who are the backbone of the American economy.
The Alliance for Affordable Services opposes legislation that will adversely impact consumer choice of their health insurance carrier and restricts the coverage available. The Alliance also opposes legislation that will increase payroll taxes, will eliminate the above the line deduction for insurance premiums and would impose surtaxes on small businesses and the self-employed.
The Alliance for Affordable Services supports market reforms that would reduce healthcare costs, protect consumer choice by expanding competition among health insurance providers and enable consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines. The Alliance recognizes that the enactment of tort reform with medical malpractice award limitations is a necessary component to the reduction of health insurance costs, as is legislation relating to hospital and medical charges.
On behalf of the Alliance Membership, we urge our U.S. legislators and the Administration to work together on behalf of all Americans to create solutions, and to pass legislation, that will improve our healthcare delivery system and the healthcare marketplace and which will not impose unreasonable mandates or levy additional taxes on small- business owners or the self-employed. Healthcare reform is immediately necessary but the reform plan should not detrimentally impact small businesses or the self-employed at this difficult economic recovery time, nor should it place a burden upon our future generations.
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